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Aug 23

Morgan Page, Andy Caldwell, & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Where Did You Go (Tom Fall Remix)

Huge, HUGE new remix from Tom Fall.  Get it on Beatport here! ANDREW

Jan 20

Beat Service – But I Did (Space Rockerz vs. Daniel Heatcliff Remix)

New remix to Beat Service’s monster hit ‘But I Did’. This one’s got outdoor festival or show written all over it. It gives everyone in the 10,000 strong crowd goosebumps with its vocals and the explodes into a massive combination of bass, synth, and lights. I kept hearing this one supported by A&B on TATW …

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Jan 06

Thirsty Thursdays 13

Thirsty Thursdays 13 by James C on Mixcloud Lucky 13! Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had as insane a time NYE as I, but let’s get right back into raging through 2012. Mostly due to a lack of any quality electro released this week, I decided to shade away from my “four on the …

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Dec 28

Kele vs. Sander van Doorn feat. Lucy Taylor – What Did I Do

How many times have we all woken up, apartments trashed, splitting headache, and you have no idea who is person is laying in your bed. Trying to quickly piece together your night, you ask yourself, “what did I do”? As much as I’d like this song to be more about a night like that, it’s …

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Nov 28

Massive Mondays 03

Nov 23

TATW 400

One of the world’s biggest electronic dance acts is throwing a massive party this Friday for the 400th episode of their podcast.  It’s TATW-otherwise known as TRANCE AROUND THE WORLD with ABOVE & BEYOND.  It is my favorite podcast and save fame and glory, it is the sole reason for my existence.  They’ve just released …

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Nov 23

Beat Service feat. Neev Kennedy – But I Did (Original Mix)

This fantastic song poses two questions that I ask myself about every Friday and Saturday night: What were you thinking? What went through your head? The answers are usually “I wasn’t,” and “nothing,” respectively. Maybe that’s why I get myself into so much trouble, and live a life of regret. Just kidding, I regret nothing. …

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